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Guida alpina

La mia storia

The most beautiful moment of the day, the sunset. Next to me, the clients who I have spent the last hours with.
In our hands, a good glass of wine. On our faces, the smile. And the joy of having shared a unique experience. Canyoning, freeriding, climbing, heliskiing … whatever the choice of this day,
I know that once again I given my best. And the joy of my friends and clients repays me for every effort. I am simply this: Giorgio Sacco, a mountain guide who lives by his passion.
Who does not put business in front of what he really loves.
In every moment he tries to make a frame of beauty, giving everything to those who rely on his experience.
My heart has taken shape from the mountain since I was a child. With my partisan grandfather I learned to love the peaks and paths, listening to his distant tales of woodsman and the old memories of times of war.
Over the years, then, this attraction has taken the shape of a true passion. A love more and more understood. Something so strong that you decides to make it my job. And to dedicate to you every moment of my time: between outings with clients, summits to reach, streams to go down and expeditions to live, the days and years have become pages of a single book, all made of mountains and adventures. But not only between the spaces of the home mountains, but also in Argentina, Tibet, Bolivia, Peru, Nepal, Pakistan and many others are the places to where I have traveled.
Without forgetting those moments on K2 or along the Marinelli Couloir, between scenarios that have marked my memory. So here I am: Giorgio Sacco, mountain guide, Aineva surveyor, canyoning guide, helper and consultant for companies linked to the mountain world.
Not only a professional able to guide you on the peaks, but also a friend (if you want) with the desire to give you moments that will always remain with you.

Le mie proposte

Cosa propongo

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